New Beginnings

I had started typing a post on Saturday night after spending the day with a house full of family. We drank copious amounts of Tea and gorged on a Chinese take-away. The kids were spoilt rotten as were myself and Mark. Today we were invited to my Mam and Dad's for our first roast dinner since November, also my brother and sister were heading back to Uni today.

Contrary to popular beliefs - I am not one to air my dirty laundry in public, but the purpose of this blog has
always been to highlight the ups and downs of a family with a CHD baby, and I think this fits.

My Husband received a phone call towards the end of the afternoon which really changed our mood.

I will be completely honest and say I didn't think Martha was going to come home with us at one point. I wouldn't have been surprised if my Maternity leave came to an end while I was still in London with her. That she has survived everything she went through and made it home after 10 weeks is nothing short of a miracle. Osh and Isabella went without having their Mammi and little sister home for over two months, my Husband was without his wife and baby daughter and had to make do with trying to decipher my hysterical cries when s**t really went down in London. Mark also held down a 9-5 job while also being a Mam and a Dad to Osh and Isabella.

But we don't want a medal. We don't want an OK! spread dedicated to our little family; all we want is understanding of our situation. To be allowed to celebrate what our little CHD Warrior achieved. 

It seems this is too much to ask from some people; which is a shame really because they should be celebrating with us rather than picking a fight because we chose to have a Chinese on Saturday - but that's their choice.

This week marks a new beginning for us as a little family of 5. Daddy is starting back at his weekly 5-a-side on Monday night; the kids are having a sleepover with Nainy and Taidy on Tuesday and Wednesday; Mammi and Daddy are hitting she shops of Liverpool and Chester on Wednesday because Santa Clause is finally visiting on Friday night. We plan to spend the weekend celebrating Christmas.

At the centre of it all is Martha Grace. That's it! End of! No more bulls**t! We will not worry ourselves with thoughts of those who do not worry for her.


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