Happy New Year

I should be typing a massive post, so much has happened over the past few days - but I don't think I want to dwell on it.
After seeing in the New Year at Martha's bedside, this morning saw us arriving late on the ward. Martha Grace was crying. The nurse said that she had been fine until she had to put the CPAP mask back on her. I had presumed Martha had only had a few minutes off while her cares were being done; but I was wrong - she had been off for a full 6hours.
She had coped brilliantly. Her lactate was 0.9, anything under 2.0 would have been acceptable.
We've now had to move her to a new bedspace because she wasn't sick enough to be in bed 11 anymore.
So a new year, a new Bedspace with a baby who tolerates CPAP breaks.
Here's hoping Martha Grace is starting the new year as she means to go on.
Thanks once again for all your support.


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