We have an addict on our hands...Martha Grace is officially a Morphine addict.
She has increased secretions in her mouth, is super alert, has cold sweats - classic signs of an addict going in to withdrawal.
She has been on a constant Morphine infusion for over 3 weeks. They started to wean her dose at the beginning of the week and by Thursday the decision was made to change her on to Oromorph (oral version) 4 times a day.
Her blood gasses were a bit up and down on Thursday and they put it down to the fact that she is
withdrawing, they gave her some Clorol Hydrate to settle her down to sleep over night. This made a real difference and improved her Lactate levels and Mixed Venus.

They decreased Morphine dose by a further 10% again on Friday and she took it really well. She had a couple of 2 hour breaks off the CPAP to help build her strength. The nurse described Martha's blood gasses as "beautiful" each time.
Hoping she continues along this path to recovery.


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