The Weekend...part 1

Because of the problems with the Furosemide on Saturday morning, Martha's fluid balance was far too positive to even consider Chest closure that day.
We had Mark's Aunt and Uncle visit us for the day, which was a lovely distraction from the goings on.
The only plan for the day was a Vecuronium holiday and get her to pee. She took just over 3 hours to wake up from the Vec and when she did - her hands always made their way to the window in her open chest. So she was swiftly paralysed again. Her urine output was also good and by the end of the evening her fluid balance was -160.
The plan for the Nurse on the night shift was to wean the adrenaline from 0.04 to 0.02 - this made me
nervous. Her blood pressure was mapping at between 48 - 53 so I knew we couldn't risk it going much lower. But the nurses reassured me that her low blood pressure was sedation related and her urine output had remained steady.

By 3am they had succeafully weaned the Adrenaline to their goal of 0.02 - she was tolerating it. I finally felt happy enough to leave for the day. We'd get to bed 3 hours earlier than we had the previous 2 nights.
Mark returned just before 9am and she was still holding her own. She was -210.
Could Sunday be a good day too??


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