Osian Llyr

7 is a difficult age. Not for Osh, for me!

He is so mature for his age, something I don't give him enough credit for. He knows Martha isn't well, that she has had operations for her Heart; but he doesn't know the severity of the situation. I don't think that it's fair that a 7 year old should be worried about his baby sister's Heart Condition.

He had asked me at the beginning of December to promise that we would be home for Christmas; but even then I knew better than to make promises that I might not be able to keep. I warned him then that there was a possibility that we would still be in London. I promised him that I would make all the arrangements to
ensure he still had a happy Christmas.

Then he asked me if I would be able to come home to watch his Christmas concert at school. This I could do. This I wanted to do for him. As hard as it was to leave Martha - I am glad I did, Osh (and Isabella) deserved to have me home for a few nights.

As I tucked Osh in to bed on my last night home, I apologised for not being home for Christmas.
"Don't be sorry Mammi, it's not your fault Martha is sick."

I choked. How can a boy of seven be so mature about this.

I promised that as soon as we're all home together - Santa will come and we'll have the best Christmas ever.

We already bought his main present a few week's ago. It's a PSvita which we know he will love. It's meant to be delivered by Santa. But he sounded so deflated when I spoke to him yesterday that I've decided he can have it when he gets to my Mam's today.

We will tell him that we've spoken to the 
Big man himself asking him to bring the main gift early as a treat for being so good this year.

I don't mind that I won't be there to see his face when he gets the surprise. He deserves to have his gift when he still has time to play with it before he has to go back to school.

He's been the best behaved boy I could have asked for this year. This is the least he deserves.

I love you so much, Gorgeous Boy!!!


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