Mammi doesn't need sleep anyway

We'd stayed at the Hospital until 6am Friday morning. She'd had a stable day so we decided that if she behaved for the rest of the day then we would leave earlier on Friday night.

By 11pm her urine output had significantly decreased. She was only having a bolus of Furosemide infusion every six hours. The decision was made to put her on a constant infusion.

We knew that Furosemide drops Martha's blood pressure, so we said we'd wait until it was up and running to see how she tolerated it.

It was started at 1am and I found my eyes darting from her stats monitor to her urine bag.

Nothing was happening. Her blood pressure remained steady and she didn't pee.

So we waited a little longer, and a little longer after that. Still - nothing happened.

The nurse decided to check Martha's nappy just to check that urine wasn't by-passing the Catheter and her nappy was full.

As we pulled back the bedclothes we saw that her sheet was wet. Her Femoral line was leaking.

I wasn't going to get my early night.

The last time Martha needed a new line putting in we had trouble and I knew it would be even harder this time. I felt sick with nerves, Martha needs so many drugs they need access. I didn't want them to insert a line in her scalp but in a matter of life or death like this I wouldn't have a choice.

I've always believed that if you prepare for the worst then anything else is a bonus. It works for me without fail.

It was only one lumin which was leaking - the one where Furosemide was going in. They were able to stop using this one and insert a peripheral line instead.

6am - panic over...I could go to sleep!!!

Throughout the day she had a good urine output. But because she hadn't been peeing through the night she was still in a positive fluid balance so chest closure was out of the question. But Martha has always had her Chest closed 5 days post op, the fact that they could even consider it on day 2 was amazing for us. To be honest, if they could close it any day before Tuesday then that would be a huge bonus for us.

By the end of the evening on Saturday Martha was negative 170. In fact she behaved so well we finally got an early night and went to bed at 3am.

Would Sunday be the day???


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