It's Sunday as I write this post. Mark brought Osh and Isabella with him to stay over night at a Hotel. After a long 17 days I finally got to see my kids.
We took them to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, took them for dinner at Pizza Express. We spent a fortune on Taxis around the city, pick'n'mix and food.
Although we didn't do anything spectacular - it was lovely just to have their company, to take in their smiles, their laughs, their scent.
I thought this post would be about how I'm forgetting about Christmas until we get Martha home, or how much I'm going to miss Mark, Osh and Isabella for another week.
But it's not.
We met Annie May* and her family when we arrived on Flamingo back in August. She was 11 weeks old
by then and had already had two open heart surgeries for HLHS. When we arrived back in November she was still here having undergone a Heart Transplant a few days after we left in September.

She bravely faught every complication which came her way. The latest is Kidney failure - a result of spending four days on ECMO.
She was sent as an emergency in to theatre this afternoon as her Kidneys were leaking...she returned a short while later and consultants delivered the devastating news that there is nothing more they can do for her.
She has spent every single day of her life in a Hospital. The only time she spent outside was in the ambulance transferring her here after she was born.
If anything can put things in to perspective - this is it. I don't care how long we are here for. We can have Christmas when we get home.
Just get my Baby Girl better.


*name has been changed to protect their identity

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