Daddy's Birthday

December 19th is Mark's Birthday. Ever since we've been together it's a day I've always spent with him.
There are cards and gifts, a day out with the kids, a meal/ night out for just the two of us.
This year, Mark has worked, Isabella & Osh have been in Wales; me and Martha are miles away in London - in Hospital with Martha on a Ventilator.
I haven't had the time to get him a card or a gift. If I'm being honest it wouldn't matter if I had gotten him something - he wouldn't open it. He explicitly told us that he didn't want to acknowledge his Birthday.

It's upsetting when the person you love in the world can't find any reason to celebrate their Birthday. I can only respect his wishes because I know if it was me - I'd feel exactly the same.
All I can do is promise that when we do finally make it out of here, we will have the biggest celebration party with everyone we love to make up for a really Shitty end to this year.
Hopefully by our Wedding Anniversary in February we will be long home. We can disappear for a relaxing weekend away.
I can dream can't I?


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