2013 - that was the year that was!!!

It's the eve of 2014.

This night 12 months ago I announced to my parents that I was pregnant. None of us at that point could have fathomed the heartache we would have to endure.

2013 wasn't all bad; it brought us our first family home...it brought us Martha Grace.

But it tested the strength of our marriage well beyond its limits. It brought our family together - but sadly another was torn apart.

People we had presumed would walk the tough road with us chose instead to sit idly and watch from the

The people we were convinced we had no right to expect any support from were the ones who got us through our darkest days. I wish there was some way to express our sincere thanks to these people; but there is nothing we could ever do for them which would convey how grateful we really are.

To everyone who has ever read a blog post, liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter, emailed me, sent a private message on Facebook or Twitter, left a comment on our Facebook account or a blog post -THANK YOU!!! You may not think it's anything, but to me it means the world.

To the Family and Friends who really have come through for us this year - I hope that in 2014 we can find some way at least to show our appreciation and hopefully all of the suffering will be worth it as we all get to watch Martha Grace grow in to the bravest and strongest little girl who ever lived.

To the ones who hung us out to dry - don't expect much more than that from us this year.

We wish you all a Happy New Year.


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