I honestly think Martha Grace is enjoying her time in Flamingo and making Mammi, Daddy and everyone worry.
A couple of days after we found out she had Chylothorax - she decided she wants to add Pneumothorax to her ever growing list of problems.
Pneumothorax (air in the pleural space) was picked up in the X-Ray she had after having the Drain removed from her Mediastinum on Saturday.
To begin with it was only on her right lung, but by Saturday night it had appeared on her left lung aswell.

It appears when a person has been ventilated for a long period of time, or had a chest drain in place. The usual treatment is to insert a drain in to the chest to suck the air out but luckily Martha already has hers.
The X-Ray she had lunch time today shows a significant decrease in the amount of air in Martha's chest.
She is still in complete Heart Block as well. Hopefully the consultant will push for a permanent Pacemaker in their meeting tomorrow and by the middle of the week - it will be done.
Wish I had more positive news, but at the moment it feels like as each day arrives we are faced with a brand new battle to support Martha through.


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