Please God

Please God,
I know I've been asking a lot from you this year - but I need your help once again.

Martha Grace has another operation again this week and I'm petrified.
I'm not going to question you by asking why us, because why shouldn't you choose us? I heard you only give Heart Babies to the strong parents who can give them the love and support they need - so I count us lucky that you consider us to be strong parents.
All I ask is that you give Martha Grace the strength to survive this operation, that you'll be with her in theatre
watching over her, that you'll give the surgeon and his team the courage and strength to help her. That you continue to watch over her while she recovers in intensive care and beyond. That you give me and Mark the strength to support each other as well as Martha Grace.

In return I promise;
I'll never complain about anything again. I won't care that all l seem to do is wash, dry and put clothes away - I'll do everyone in our families washing if it means you'll look after Martha.
I won't moan about the constant nappy changes I seem to be doing through the day, I'll be happy to do them.
I won't get mad when my bathroom floor is soaked after bathtime - I'll just be glad my kids are clean and that they had fun in the process.
I won't be mad when they tread chocolate/crisps into my floor - it can be cleaned.
I won't be mad when they refuse to eat their dinner, they will eat when they are hungry - they won't starve.
I won't freak when they have a tantrum - they will soon get over it.
I won't worry about money - it doesn't buy our health so what good is it. As long as we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, warm beds to sleep in - we've got all we could need.
But God...if she is far too special for this Earth and you really do need her with you up in Heaven - please please look after her. Take her to her Great Grandparents who will look after her until her Mammi and Daddy can be with her again.
Make sure she knows we love her and that I think about her every minute of every day.
Make sure she has fun just like she had with her Big Brother and Sister.

Thank you,


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