I wanna leave this Flamingo

Today is Monday.
I haven't seen my baby girl awake and smiling since Thursday.
I haven't held her in my arms since Thursday.
The last time we saw her awake, I was holding her hand as she lay in her Daddy's arms and the anaethetists placed the mask over her tiny face to send her to sleep. Then I watched her Daddy carry her sleeping on to the operating table before we had to leave her in a room full of people we'd only just met.

The Surgeon told us he would call us when they were finished with what he hoped would be good news.
Over night we've been able to get her down to 0.02 of Adrenaline. Her morphine is down from 40 to 25 and she is coping well. They've turned vecuronium off completely. Even when she warms up a bit her blood pressure doesn't plummet anymore. They've had to turn frusemide down to 0.03 from 0.05 as she was peeing too much. They've started giving her 3ml per hour bolus feed and she's able to tolerate it. Blood gasses have been perfect over night.
She isn't out of the woods but she is on the right path out of there.
This morning a nurse from Bear Ward popped her head in to check on Martha - I can't wait to leave Flamingo and join them up there.


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