Big Gravity Defying Moon Steps

After the most terrifying few days we've ever had to live through - today we finally had a massive breakthrough.
The surgeon finally closed Martha Grace's chest.
They left it open after her operation to allow her heart the space to swell after such an invasive procedure. She was also bleeding a lot from her pericardium.
She came off the adrenaline completely yesterday but we've had to go back up to 0.02 after her closure, this isn't a massive deal as they expect the heart to come under a bit of strain once it's back in a confined space
and under pressure from her ribs.

The good news is that she hasn't needed to go up on the Millrinone.
She is still fast asleep from all the sedatives but is starting to look more like our Martha Grace.
Today has been a huge Gravity defying moon step.


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