Back to school

He's been off since Wednesday 23rd October and tomorrow Osh goes back to school. Now don't get me wrong I have loved having him off, but it was too long to have in one go so it was hard to keep him entertained.

When I was younger we had a week for half term holidays in October. But we'd also have INSET days during term time, which was a Monday off here and there. But they've done away with these now and they add them to the end of each half term so they end up being off on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as the whole of the following week.

This half term I have loved the days out with all of the kids, not having to rush to be back in time for the school run; the easy stress free morning's, we're not all rushing to be ready and out by half 8; no school uniforms to be washed and ironed; no lunch boxes to be made each evening.

But I have missed our/ my routine - that's the only thing I've missed. When Osh is at school we're back at home by 9:15am; I can then
* get the breakfast dishes washed
* get a load of washing on the line /clothes horse
* give Martha her top-up feed
* give Isabella her morning bottle
* tidy/clean anywhere else that needs it.
* put Isabella in bed for a nap
* have a panad in peace while I'm on twitter or watching Friends
* give Martha lunch time bottle
* have lunch with Mark when he come home on his break
* wake Isabella and give her some lunch
* go back out to get Osh from school

I feel like I've done things with my day and it's not because I have one less child, it's because I'm up and about earlier - I am quite happy to stay in my dressing gown until almost lunch time during the holidays which only makes me feel like a sloth.

I am going to miss my boy when he's at school tomorrow, but I will be so happy to get my routine back.


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