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We moved to Gaerwen in May. We needed to be closer to Osh's school, we needed a bigger house what with Martha Grace being on her way, and we needed a Garden. When we lived in Beaumaris we were 15 minutes drive from Osh's school, Isabella was still in our room and we only had a small area out the back which had concrete slabs.

I grew up with a bedroom of my own a big garden for paddling pools in the summer (or Sunbathing when I hit my teens) and this is what I want for my kids to have.

When we viewed this house it was a gloriously sunny February day; the house has stunning views of the Snowdonia Mountain Range, is 4 minutes drive from the school, three large gardens and great sized
bedrooms, we even had a shed and an outside toilet - SOLD.

As we'd finally bought our own house we were finally able to decorate to our own taste; Isabella and Martha's room was transformed to a pink and girly space, Osh's was painted in Sonic the Hedgehog blue and I let Mark have his own way with a purple theme for our bedroom. The living room and kitchen were also done to our taste. It's not exactly interior designer heaven - but it works for us. We've made it our home.

As soon as I realised we we're having a heat wave in June/ July I stocked up on outdoor toys, bought a paddling pool, a sand pit, a picnic bench, bought Osh a bike and bought Isabella her first dolly pram. For Isabella's Birthday we even got her a playhouse. We spent all day long in the Garden, the kids played and I hung out our washing to dry - something I hadn't been able to do in our old house. Seeing the kids run around, having Isabella by the back door even now in October wanting to go out to play in the Garden - I know the kids are happy here, they enjoy the childhood I always wanted them to have.

I must admit I do miss living in Beaumaris. It's such a pretty little town with a dozen quaint little shops, a pier and an amazing Ice Cream parlour - I loved wandering on to the High Street with the kids on a sunny day, there was always somewhere to go for a walk.

We don't have that here in Gaerwen, unless you enjoy taking trips to a hardware store with 3 kids and a Husband in tow. Luckily, we are only a 20 minute drive away from the stunning Newborough beach, a place I spent many a sunny day as a child - we enjoy taking the kids there, sometime only for a few hours in the early summers evening.

No, Gaerwen isn't a pretty little seaside town like we used to live in. But - the house itself is worth giving all that up.

Because now, it's more than just a house - it's our home!

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The view from our Living Room and our Bedroom

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