Waiting for the post

I don't know if the post man has been or not yet today. Either he has and there was nothing for us - or he's still on his way.

We are waiting for a letter to come through with the date for Martha's next operation to close her VSD. While this procedure isn't as high risk as the first to repair the Interrupted Aortic Arch - it's still considered "major" Heart Surgery.

I'm still of the opinion that if she isn't going to have the operation by the 1st week in December then I'd rather wait until the new year. I don't want to risk not being home for Christmas. While many will argue they'd rather this than have the thought of their baby needing surgery hanging over them for the whole of Christmas,
I could live with this to guarantee I have me and my little family together for the festive period.

But at the moment we're still waiting on the letter. Dr Sullivan said himself that if we haven't received the letter in three weeks then we should chase it up; so potentially we have another month to wait for the date. How much notice will have then - will the date be within a week or a month of receiving the letter.

As I type this she is fast asleep in her Daddy's arms (he's taken the day off sick today) and we've been having some beautiful smiles from her all morning. I even find myself forgetting there's anything she needs an operation for, she is so much like the other two when they were babies; she feeds, she has a nappy change and she sleeps!

I just want to know when the op is going to be so that I can start planning things around it. I can't look forward to the run up for Christmas (or even Christmas itself) as I don't know if we're going to be here to enjoy it.

I'm trying to put it at the back of my mind and most of the time I can; but sometimes it's hard.

Beautiful smiles from a Beautiful girl

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