Sisterly Love

Over the past few weeks Martha has loved being left on her changing mat after each nappy change - she kicks her legs in the air and has a real good look around the room. So on Saturday we bought her a new Baby Gym / Play Mat, a bright pink one which takes up the centre of the living room (things you do for your kids)

We opened it up for her once the other two were in bed on Saturday night it was safe to open it up for Martha Grace to have a play in her new toy in peace. She seemed so confused to begin with, staring at the little hanging hearts above her head. But after a while she fell asleep, we got out a blanket to keep her warm - she was happy there.

Martha Grace taking a snooze on her new Baby Gym
Sunday morning I thought I would try my luck with having Martha on her play mat while the other two were around. My main worry was that they would walk over/ trip over her.

What I hadn't banked on was for Isabella to join Martha and lie down on the play mat with her. I grabbed my phone to take a quick picture so I could show Mark when he got up. As I was taking the photograph Isabella turned her head to face Martha - and gave her a kiss on her head.

With the best Big Sister in the world
If I would have asked Isabella to give her a kiss for a photo she would have refused. I was amazed that she did it of her own accord. I was overjoyed that I caught the moment in a photo.

I hope Isabella continues to think as fondly of her little sister. I hope this is the beginning of a friendship that lasts their entire life.


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