Days with the kids

So it's half term, Mark is back in work and I have three kids. It's not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I've not been brave enough to go out with all three of them on my own yet and I don't intend to do so while the weather is as awful as it is and everywhere is going to be packed because of the school holidays. 

Plus - just because it's school holidays it doesn't mean there is no boring grown-up housework to do.

Osh doesn't need to me entertain him anymore; he's quite happy being left on his own to play with his Lego, to watch a DVD or to play on his PSP - but I don't want to have not done anything
with him all day. Isabella is another matter; if I don't entertain her she'll just find her own entertainment - either in my handbag or in my make-up. Then there's Martha; she's happy enough as long as she's been fed and is wearing a clean nappy - it's a bonus for her if she's left in peace to play on her baby-gym.

So this week I have:-

Had a carpet picnic with Isabella in the lounge,
Made Rice Crispy Cakes with Osh & Isabella together,
Had an afternoon snuggled under a duvet watching films with Osh,
Carved pumpkins with Osh & Isabella.

We're hoping the weather picks up and we can go for a day out on Friday - but so far we've all been happy in each other's company at home.


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