An Impromptu Day Out

Sometimes I cannot be bothered going anywhere. I am still getting up with Martha for a 3am feed and then up for the day at 7am to get Osh in school on time for 9am. I am shattered.

So when my Grandparents invited me out for the day on Friday I was in two minds if I should take them up on their offer. But in the end I decided I would - and I am really glad I did.

Osh was in school so we decided we would be safe enough to go shopping with the girls. I needed new clothes for them anyway, and it's been so long since I got anything for myself (well what's the point in clothes shopping when you're pregnant) We headed for Cheshire Oaks, mainly because of the new M&S which is
just outside, my *Nain loves M&S and to be honest, I can get nice kids clothes there sometimes.

We arrived just before Martha's lunchtime feed, so we had a bite to eat and a Panad before giving her a bottle then we we're ready to shop.

I love nothing more than pushing prams around the shops, even better when there's a sleeping newborn inside (it's not quite the same when you have a moaning toddler, but hey)

In order to distract Isabella, my Taid took her around for a little bit so me and Nain could look around the make-up displays. When I finally bumped in to Taid and Isabella again, I could only laugh at what I saw.

Isabella Nicole was getting her nails painted at the Leighton Denny counter. She was loving it. She held her hand out for the assistant and was studying her. No fuss, just letting her get on with it. She was absolutely made up with her bright Barbie Pink Nails. She is such a girly girl and I love it.

 hen we we're done in M&S we headed in to Cheshire Oaks itself. I could hardly contain my excitement when I realised there is a Joules store there now, getting myself a new jumper and a shirt. I even treated Mark to a new shirt.

While Martha slept soundly in her pram, Isabella was beginning to get a bit restless in hers. Again Taid took her off to distract her and of course there is a Kids play area near the food court. So there they spent the best part of an hour. Taid struggled to get her out of the VW camper when it was time to meet up with me and Nain. Isabella wouldn't have minded being left there on her own - she knows no fear, so the usual trick of pretending to walk away will not fool her.

In the car on the way back, I was sat in my usual seat between my two girls - watching Isabella staring at her nails, she seemed to happy. To anyone else it might not be a big thing, but to me - it's a moment I couldn't imagine this time 6 weeks ago. To do something completely normal that before I would have taken for granted. I know it was only getting her nails painted - but she was so happy that I realised this is what having kids is about, watching them experience something new and taking pride in the fact that you allowed them that experience.


Getting her nails painted

Barbie Pink Nails

In the play area at Cheshire Oaks

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