Terrible Two's

Yes, they have arrived. Our Darling Isabella Nicole has turned in to the Devil Incarnate!!!
Ok so maybe that was a slight exaggeration - but she has been a horror this week.
I can't remember if she was like this before we went to London, or if this is something new - but WOW - she has one helluva temper. I don't think Osh was anything like this, or if he was I can't remember it.
She had a hissy fit last night because she couldn't close the shoe box properly, she was launching the box across the room in her temper. When she realised we were watching her she only got worse. It would seem that she loves an audience.
She isn't horrible when she has one of her tantrums, I think it's quite sweet that she knows her own mind and isn't afraid express herself. Most of the time though we can't help but laugh because she can do the funniest things in her temper.
I'm just hoping that this is just a stage and that she is only adjusting to having a baby in the house and having her Mammi & Daddy home after being away for so long.


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