Settling in

I dreamt this morning would start off with the 5 of us snuggled on the sofa, Martha drinking from her bottle while we drank tea with dunking biscuits. Getting everyone dressed and ready would be stress-free and then we'd have family and friends dropping by all day.
Well, we were all drinking our panads while Martha drank her bottle - but then there was a dash to A&E.
During Martha's 10am feed we couldn't bring anything back through the NG tube to test it's position. This could be a sign that the tube has moved in to her bowel.
Not wanting to leave anything to chance and knowing she needed antibiotics during her 1pm feed - we had
to act fast. So Mark dashed to A&E with Martha and my Mam while I stayed home with Osh & Isabella. I knew that if the tube needed to be replaced I would be no help to anyone - it would be far too upsetting for me. I also didn't want to alarm Osh & Isabella, we'd been home less than 24hrs we couldn't both disappear again.

Luckily they were seen straight away and were home in just over an hour - with a brand new tube. The only downside is that it can only stay in for a week - so at 9:30am on Friday morning the community nurse is coming over to replace her NG tube.
However, that was the last of the days drama. The rest of the day was spent with Family, Martha Grace was spoilt rotten yet again with more cuddles, cards and gifts. Even Mammi & Daddy were spoilt tonight when my Father treated us to an Indian take-away.
Packed Lunches made, dishes and bottles washed - Osh & Isabella are both fast asleep in their beds; Martha Grace is also fast asleep in her Moses Basket while Mammi & Daddy watch "Paul" with a panad and a box of chocolates.
Still can't believe we're all home together, all of us under one roof.
Feeling totally Blessed.

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