Moving on up

When you have a 2 week old baby recovering in Intensive Care following heart surgery and your mobile phone starts ringing at midnight - you panic!!!

This is exactly what happened on Wednesday night as we lay in bed at the end of a very positive day.
Mark's ringtone is "the animals cam in two by two" which does not convey urgency. He just stared at the screen, looking at the number, knowing full well it was Great Ormond Street but not wanting to hear what they might be about to tell us.

Martha had been off the Cpap since 5am that morning. They'd taken out her ART line, they'd upped her feeds and she was tolerating them, they'd removed her catheter and she was.having plenty of bowel
movements. She's having all of her meds orally and they'd been looking at removing her central line.

So what the hell had happened in the half an hour since we left her?

Mark nervously answered the phone and a very happy Fiona was on the end of the line.

They were moving Martha Grace!!!!

They had been so happy with her they'd decided to take her out of Intensive Care and move her to the more relaxed High Dependency.

So we're now preparing her for discharge.

She needs an ECHO, ECG and an Xray today and we still need to try bottle feeding her. But ye - our Baby's doin good.


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