Missing Home

It's been three weeks now since we left home to be in London to have Martha Grace. I packed what I thought were were essentials that we would need and tried not to bring too much with us so we could travel easily between hospitals.

But over the last few days I've found myself thinking "Doh...why didn't I bring (this that and the other)" more and more.

I don't begrudge Martha any of the time we've spent here, if I had to spend weeks in hospital with her or the other two for them to receive treatment I would do it in a heartbeat - I would do anything to save their lives
and make them better.

So here are the things I'm missing. Some are obvious and some may seem irrelevant, but if I could go back in time I would have brought them with me.

1) My Children - I wish it was easier than it is to have them here. I miss having them around, I miss cuddles, I miss mealtimes with them, I miss Bath time and Bed time. Doing the school run. I miss all the simple things about being a Mammi.
2) Being able to enjoy a shower - as the accommodation is a shared Bathroom I'm always conscious of someone else needing the bathroom, so it's a quick "in and out" jobbie. I also don't have all my smelly's here so a shower isn't the relaxing treat that it is usually at home.
3) Enjoying a Panad - as we're not allowed to bring food and drink in to the ward my Cup of Tea intake per-day has taken a serious hit. I'm lucky if I get three all day and this is the time I need them most.
4) Fish & Chips - we haven't seen a single "chippy" the whole time we've been here. It's not that we'd have them that often back at home, but sometimes it would be nice to have a simple meal for dinner and a chippy tea usually always hits the spot. It's just strange that we've not come across one in this area of London.
5) Watching good old fashioned TV - an episode of Friends always cheers me up.
6) A Hair dryer - this item didn't even cross my mind; but three weeks in and I am really regretting this oversight.
7) A decent pair of shoes - every time it rains my feet inevitably get wet as I only have my summer shoes with me.
8) A coat - I'm having to wear Mark's at the moment as I only brought a cardigan with me because it was summer when we left home. Now it's September and it is of course raining most days.
9) Books - I brought 2 with me and I don't think that is nearly enough to get me through long days of sitting next to Martha's cot as she recovers.
10) Cotton Buds - we eventually went out and bought these, but we really missed them the first few days! Those guys do everything!!!


So basically I can't wait to have a relaxing shower and then chill out on the sofa with all three of my kids (and Mark) watching "Friends", eating a Chippy Tea drinking a panad.


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