Last Day... 22 days old; 18 days after she underwent major open heart heart - Martha Grace is ready to go home.

Home to her Brother and Sister.
Home to her own Bed.
Home to the House we decided to buy because she was on her way.
I should be nervous. I should be apprehensive about going about our day without the guidance of nurses and cardiologists; having to make all the decisions about her care by ourselves. But I'm not, or rather "we're"

After being here at Great Ormond Street for as long as we have, it isn't just Martha who's benefited from having round the clock care of the team here - me and Mark have also received their constant support and have been given skills and confidence to know that we will be fine when we're at home.
Will I be sad to leave Great Ormond Street?! Of course...without them there simply would be no Martha Grace.
They gave her a chance...a chance to live.
Her surgeon pulled off major reconstructive surgery.
Her nurses gave her the best possible care 24/7 to get her through the toughest part of her recovery.
It makes me feel sad knowing I will never be able to repay them for doing so.
So after spending the morning shopping on Oxford Street we're ready.
Ready to take Martha Grace home.



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