An ounce!!!!!

It's all about the ounce. Just a tiny 1oz. But yep...after weeks of no weight gain - Martha Grace finally put on an Ounce yesterday. With Osh & Isabella this small weight gain would not have impressed - but today we are very happy and taking it as a good sign.

See we need her to gain weight so that her PA bands will become a nicer fit so her lungs don't get flooded (with blood)

After weeks of being fed continuously through a Naso-Gastric tube, yesterday she managed to take 15ml's of a feed from a bottle on two separate occasions. Today she's off the continuous feed and on 2hourly Bolus feeds - which we are alternating with a bottle. Happy Happy Happy.

If that wasn't reason enough to be happy we also...
1) Are allowed to take her off the ward down to the canteen with us. Only for an hour, now and again - but it's a start.
2) We gave her a bath this morning and she LOVED it. I expected her to scream - but she was really calm. It quite scary - I was afraid off getting her scar wet but it's healed so well it was fine.

3) This weekend when Osh & Isabella came to visit they were able to have their first cuddle with Martha.

Now I have a photo (which I will share soon) of all three of my children together. I want to cry tears of joy each time I look at it. It's a photo I never imagined I would have.

We are feeling very blessed right now.


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