We're still at home...

I'm not posting this from the 7:10am Bangor to Euston train like I presumed I would be. This post instead is coming from bed.

Our bed in our Bedroom.
In our house.
On Anglesey.

A fair few miles away from London.

While I was told at 6pm last night that I absolutely HAD to have Martha delivered today...by 6:20pm there
were no cots available for her at GOSH.

So what's the plan now, I hear you ask?

Well...the plan is - there is no plan.

We are to sit tight and spend today again waiting for a call. Be ready to make a dash for the next train as soon as they call. They may call us today telling us to make our way there today, or to make our way there for tomorrow. They may not.

To be honest the relief last night was almost overwhelming. I was relieved that I didn't put Osh & Isabella to bed KNOWING that it would be the last time for a few weeks. It was a relief that I wasn't going to sleep knowing that as soon as I woke up I would be saying goodbye to my babies.

I am grateful to have another day with them.

Another day just to be a normal Mammi.

At least now we're packed and the washing is done.

Today I can just chill with the kids.


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