One week and counting...

Is there a life beyond next Tuesday?? Is the world going to carry on as normal - or does it actually end in 7 days time? Because as far as I can see, well, I can't...I can't see past next Tuesday!!!
Mark phoned me from work yesterday asking if I thought he'd be available to go to a conference in London for 4 days at the end of September. That's when it dawned on me that the outside world would carry on as normal, no one else will be affected by the goings on at GOSH.
I just want it all to be over with!!!
I want to know the outcome and I want to carry on with life as normal, not have a sickening feeling in my stomach all day every day. I don't want to be scared of going to sleep in case I have an awful dream. I don't want to be scared of waking up because of how frightening it feels when it slowly starts coming back to me that all is not well in the world.
I just want all my children, all together, under one roof, safe, happy and healthy.

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