Not the Tuesday evening we had planned...

This time last week I presumed I would be in the throes of labour by now.
Instead - I am watching "Batman" with Mark, drinking a panad and munching on biscuits.
I left it until 4pm before I started chasing UCLH. By 5:40pm I still hadn't heard back from them. So I called them back myself.

So UCLH have a bed for me and a Cot for Martha...but GOSH don't have a Cot.

And the three need to marry up before they will induce labour. Martha is safer where she is than being born and having no where to go.

My main worry for now is going in to spontaneously at home, and delivering Martha at our local hospital -
then having to find a way of transferring her to GOSH.

I'm starting to get annoyed at the fact we were told right from the start that they won't transfer Martha from UCLH to GOSH until a Cot becomes available, and that could take days. When we expressed our concerns at this we were assured that as long as Martha has the hormone to keep her duct open she will be fine in NICU in UCLH for however long she needs to be there.

So why am I waiting for a Cot at GOSH to become available before we can go to London when we may not actually need it for another 4 or 5 days.

I just want her out safely. In London.


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