No routine

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love having Osh home for school Holidays. But I hate how when there is no reason to rush out the house by 8:30am - I have no routine, no structure to our days.

On a normal school day we're all fed, dressed and out of the house sharpish. When me and Isabella arrive back home just after 9:15am I get the dishes done, hang out a load of washing while she has a bottle and I am sitting down with a panad in peace by 10am. I've then got the rest of the day to do other odd
jobs & chores or even watch the telly if I fancy a lazy day.

But during the holidays I have no reason to wake up until the kids wake me which, these past couple of weeks haven't been until at least 9 o clock. I then come downstairs in my PJ's and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with them before watching a bit of telly snuggled up on the sofa's. We're lucky if we're dressed before 11am. But then because we have breakfast late, we don't eat lunch until late, which then means I don't bother putting the dinner on until gone 5, and the kids are even later going to bed. Wow reading this I sound like an awful Mammi don't I?

Of course I could be more organised and get up at 7:30am when Mark get's up for work, I could enjoy a panad and eat my breakfast with him before getting the kids up at 8:00am, then we might all be washed and dressed by 9am with the rest of the day to ourselves. But when Mark does get out of bed - I really really love having the bed to myself for a little bit. The fact that he brings me a panad to bed doesn't help the situation either (I'm not complaining about that though).

I don't know...maybe I should enjoy these lazy days. Cuz in just over a week all Hell is going to break loose - and when I'm sat in hospital staring into an incubator at Martha I'm going to be wishing we we're all still at home in our PJ's all day.


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