Must haves...

So we've decided that tomorrow is "Baby Shopping" day. I've made a list of what I think we need, but worried that I've forgotten a vital piece of kit.
As well as stuff that we Need, there are stuff that I Want - seeing as though I'm going to be spending so long in the hospital.

Make-up and make-up remover; a decent moisturiser; Dry you're all probably thinking I'm being completely vain-and you'd be right to think that. But I've had two babies already and I remember how shocking I looked after each birth
(I have photo's to prove it)!!! And to quote a favorite film of mine "I'm going to feel like s**t, and if I'm going to feel like s**t - I want to look Hot doing it!!!"

I already have a god send of a product for my puffy eyes, there is no way I'd leave for London without. But what I want to know is...
What are your Hospital Must Haves???
I need to make sure there's nothing I've forgotten and you might inspire me with something I haven't even thought I need.


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