Last day in work

I'm usually counting down the day's until I finish work and my Maternity Leave starts..but not this time!
This time it's just a stark reminder of what is about to happen - what we're about to go through. I don't think the scale of it will ever really hit us until it's actually happening.
I need to write to all the Brides for next year letting them know that I'm going to be away for a while. I'm telling them it's because of my "Daughter", I've not mentioned it's our unborn Daughter.

The Day After...

I was too upset to carry on writing yesterday, I never thought I would be sad to finish work. To be honest I don't think I was sad to be finishing was more the idea that now I've finished work, it's really happening - we have just over two weeks before life as we know it ends and we're thrust in to a scary world!

The Head Chef brought through a tray of all of my favourite desserts, which are (in no particular order):-
Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Torte, Eton Mess and Strawberry Cheesecake. So I spent the rest of the shift munching my way through the desserts as I was doing my work - not a bad way to spend the afternoon really.

The company Directors then came in to say goodbye, and they had bought me a lovely gift set from Clarins. I was almost in tears saying goodbye to them - I've always gotten on well with them, but they were so lovely to me and said they will keep us in their prayers (something I really appreciate these days)

Everyone keeps asking if I'm glad to have finished work?

How can I even begin to answer that question. I would gladly work every day for the rest of my life if it meant Martha wasn't so poorly.

We've got two weeks until our world implodes, two weeks with Osh & Isabella to spoil them rotten with our love and our time so that when we are hundreds of miles away in a Hospital in London they will have some happy memories to keep them going until they get to see their Mammi, Daddy & (hopefully) their little sister again.


The Dessert Tray
The "Clarins" gift set

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