Do your kids ever... themselves to food from the fridge without asking?
See, we'd just finished keeping the food shop yesterday. As we were sat in the lounge with a *panad, Isabella was very quiet in the kitchen. Turn's out she was getting herself a yoghurt from the fridge. She had gotten herself a spoon and peeled back the lid all by herself.
Mark went mad at her (secretly he was impressed at how self sufficient she was) for just helping herself without asking, and to be honest so was I.
Now I wasn't sure of the best way to handle that situation. I was
torn. I wanted to show her that she can't just open the fridge whenever she feels like it to get a treat, so what I should have done was thrown out the yoghurt and not let her have it. But at the same time - I didn't want to waste a perfectly good yoghurt by throwing it in the bin.
So we let her eat it.
But I'm curious - what would you have done?


*cup of tea

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