Care Free Days

So one of the main reasons my 2 week holiday before Maternity Leave is so important this time around is to leave the kids with some nice memories of this summer before we go off to London. Selfishly I also want some nice memories to look back on during the dark days ahead.

As I type this I am sat on the sofa with a "panad" (cup of tea) after a lovely afternoon on the Llanberis Lake Railway, it has to be said I am totally worn out.

We packed a picnic and headed for Llanberis shortly before lunch time. We hadn't pre-booked tickets and I was dreading the parking situation given that we are in peak season and Llanberis is a tourist hotspot. But I needn't have worried, parking was a doddle and there wasn't even a queue at the ticket office.

Osh has been on the train a few times but today was a first for Isabella. The look on her face when the train
started to move was priceless, same whenever the driver tooted the horn.

We enjoyed our picnic on the train journey - it took around about an hour, but you can make it longer by getting off the train and staying longer at certain stations. The views around the lake on a sunny day like today were simply stunning.

On the return journey we got off a stop early and walked the last part - the kids loved waving at the passengers on the passing trains.

We ended the afternoon with a cake and a drink while the kids burnt off some more energy in the park (it worked; Isabella fell asleep in the car on the way home)

A great park we've also found (quite) local to us is "Coed Helen" in the town of Caernarfon. I'm not sure if it's new, but it seems to be - the equipment are fab! My 7year old and 1year old can play there for hours. Well worth a visit. We just happened to stop there yesterday on the way back from shopping, it was a gorgeous day and there were plenty of other children there too (Osh isn't fazed by making new friends to play with for the afternoon)

Watching the kids play so innocently and without a worry in the world makes me feel care free. They let me have a few hours escape from the pain and worry about Martha, and I can't thank the children enough for that. The children don't even realise what they're doing for me - I guess that's the beauty of children, that's our reward for working all day and cooking/cleaning for them...being allowed to spend a few hours in their care free world when we need to be there the most.


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