Bath time

The first time I bathed Osh when he came home from the hospital was traumatic to say the least, he screamed and I was so upset my Mam had to bathe him for the next few weeks as I refused to go through it again. When Isabella came home I had more experience and I wasn't nervous - I actually enjoyed her first couple of baths.
As both kids got/get older I enjoy that time in the bath. I love watching them play with their bath toys and love to let them have a splash around - so care free.
But Osh is 7 now...should I still be bathing him?
He always has hated having his hair washed, and I still have to put a cloth over his eyes as we rinse the shampoo out as he's scared of getting shampoo in his eyes (he doesn't believe that his shampoo is "no more tears" and thinks the tag line on the bottles are lies) and it's for this reason he refuses to shower. So of course I have to bathe him so I can wash his hair (I do encourage him to wash his own body, I just assist with the hair washing)
But should he be left alone to bathe himself now. Do I really need to be bathing him still? Don't get me wrong - I would happily continue doing so until he leaves for University. But I know I need to let him become more independent over the next couple of years.
This makes me so boy is growing up. He needs me less and less, and will continue to need me less and less. Am I the only Mammi who struggles to accept that her kids are growing up?


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