Baby Shopping

So today was "Baby Shopping" day - and as my fellow Mummies/Mammies will know; this does not mean that we went shopping for babies...we went shopping for "Baby Things".

Quite frankly this should have been started weeks and weeks ago and then I wouldn't be stressing out as much as I am now. But if you've been reading my blog then you'll already know - just haven't been able to enjoy the pregnancy enough to let myself get caught up in all the baby-buying excitement. And now it's not baby-buying excitement it's "Oh my word we are going to have this baby in just over a week, we need to get things ready!!!"
That's not so much fun either I can tell you.

When my other two we're newborns a certain brand did newborn sized nappies with the belly button cut out which was great seeing as they insist on putting those huge clips on the cords these days. Could I find these nappies anywhere today - could I buggery!!! Can anyone tell me if they've been discontinued?
I had a list with me of everything I think we're going to need - and we've come home only for me to realise that we didn't get a changing mat! This was on my list as Isabella's is in tatters and it's only fair Martha should have her nappy changed comfortably rather than on a mat with half the foam innards pouring out of it.
I also treated myself to a few smellies (my weakness) so Mark is delighted at the prospect of losing me in the bathroom for a couple of hours a night while he has a few games (boys and their toys)
It was mainly the small stuff we got, stuff that in the event of the worst case scenario happening - we won't have to return and we can still use on Isabella, or we can get rid of/donate to charity as we won't be losing any money on it.
We haven't got her any bottles, we've decided that once we've been told when we can bring Martha home we will nip to the shops on Oxford street to get essentials like that.
We already have the Moses Basket, a Car Seat, a Pram, a Steriliser, Baby Monitors, a Baby Bath and cupboards full of pink baby towels. I can't think of anything that we need before we head to London, but Hey - if there is something obvious that I've missed - let me know.
One thing I will tell you that I got (Hubby spoiling me) was a CD :-) and I am very exited because it was "The Eagles Greatest Hits" we listened to it all the way home, even Isabella was singing along in the back.
She was actually as good as good while we we're shopping and while we were at lunch (see photo) but turned in to a right demon when we got home - but that's a story for another post.
I just know over the next few days the more people we speak to about how long we have left until we leave for London, people are going to ask "Have you got *such&such* ready??" and I'm gonna be like "err...nope!!"
Still I'm off to Chester on Tuesday with the Mother - so all is not lost, there is still a chance I might get everything we need!
Does anyone want to come over and wash the baby stuff ready for me (and dry and iron it of course)??
Worth a shot, ey!

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