...and I'm still waiting!!!

The waiting game is awful. I am the least patient person in the world.

I've done loads and loads of washing, stripped the beds, dusted the lounge, pulled everything out ready to pack...and I've called the hospital myself chasing them up.

I want to know.

Are we having our baby tomorrow - or is tomorrow just another normal day for us?

To be honest, I think we're staying put. I don't feel like I'm nervous enough to be having a baby tomorrow. Now either I have a really good gut instinct or I've done a great job at distracting myself today.

I just want to know...do I have one more day at home with my babies or are we off to London first thing.

Once I know what is happening tomorrow I'll be fine. I need to prepare Osh for us leaving in the morning. Moreover, I need to prepare myself.


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