A Day on the Train

You'd think the previous nights conversation hadn't actually taken place. Osh woke up yesterday morning asking if he could have a quick go on the PS3 before breakfast, and I (still feeling guilty) agreed.

We ate breakfast together, we got dressed, packed our picnic - and off we went for our day on the Welsh Highland Railway like I'd promised the kids (and Nain, Taid & Auntie Melissa too) all week long.

The plan was to catch the steam train from Caernarfon at 12:55, which would get us to Porthmadog by 15:20, then return to Caernarfon by 18:00. You probably think I am mad for attempting this with two kids - especially when the youngest is only just 22 months old - I mean it's nearly 5 hours on a train. Well, I'll be honest - I did think we would face a meltdown at some point during the journey (either child or me!!!) BUT they were both as good as gold...

Osh loves going anywhere is there is a picnic involved, in fact, unless it's a roast dinner he isn't too fussed on a plated meal, I think he'd happily eat picnic food every meal of the day. So today, eating a picnic on a steam train was a win-win for him.

Isabella was just fascinated by being on a train. She loved waving at people as we passed them, loved seeing the cows and sheep in the fields we passed, got excited at each lake & river, and her face lit up each time the train went TOOT TOOT!!!

When the trolley went through the carriage we all had a Panad with a cake - everyone was happy (we're so rock'n'roll) The handy thing with these trains are that you have comfy seats they all have tables - this was great when I had to whip the colouring books and crayons out.

The weather was perfect when we set off from Caernarfon, but by the time we got to Rhyd Ddu the rain had moved in. It didn't help that there was a 40-minute delay here as a result of a problem with a train we needed to cross paths with, but being 37 weeks pregnant I didn't mind the opportunity to get off the train, stretch my legs and go to the loo.

We should have had a half an hour change over time in Porthmadog, but because of the delay at Rhyd Ddu we just about had enough time to make a toilet stop (I'm pregnant). We didn't mind though, as it was raining we wouldn't have wandered too far anyway - and I was too scared of losing our seats.

The return journey was just as easy - both kids happy with a Panad, eating treats and enjoying the views of our lovely countryside.

It was during a stop at Beddgelert that Osh piped up "I wish Martha wasn't ill so you didn't have to go away!"

Isn't it hard to stop tears welling up when someone catches you off guard like that...

What could I say?? So I just said that I wished that too. Because I do.

I'm glad he feels like he can say something about the situation, I'd hate him to feel to scared of upsetting up and so bottled everything up. I'm his Mammi, he should be able to say what's on his mind WHEN it's on his mind.

The same on the way home in the car "At least we have a few days left to go on days out together!"
That one was like taking a bullet.

On Saturday we have a family party to attend, but I've let Osh decide what he wants to do on Sunday. He chose;
If it's Sunny - A day out to Llandudno Pier so he can go on the fairground rides and then to the arcades
If it's raining - The Indoor Soft Play area in Llanberis

Mark said he will treat everyone to their favourite fast food this weekend too, which means Subway for Osh and KFC for Mammi (Mark hates fast food, haha)

I just hope that while we are away in London, he will look back on yesterday and our other days out and know that he is loved, that Mammi only want's her kids to be happy and healthy.

I hope that before he goes back to school in September we have at least given him some happy days this summer holidays that he can look back on fondly.

Cuz while we are sat staring into an incubator at Martha willing her to pull through, it's these memories that will give us strength.


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