Friday, 27 November 2015

Wound infection and dreading our visit to GOSH

I should be fast asleep because we're off to London in the morning (we'll probably be on the train or even be at the Hospital by the time most people get to read this post), but I'd got Mark tickets to watch Liverpool play at Anfield tonight so he's only just got home and I decided to wait up for him.

Tomorrow we're going back to Great Ormond Street for the first time since Martha Grace was discharged back in October, 5 days after major open heart surgery.

As far as I can tell, Martha seems to have recovered well and was back to her normal self as soon as we got home. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the photo's of the shoes that she drew on with biro, she is 100% a naughty and cheeky two year old. But we thought she was doing really well back in March when it was suggested that she needed this 4th Open Heart Surgery - so I don't really trust my own instinct anymore. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Siblings || November 2015

I really don't know how I forgot about this month's Siblings post, especially seeing as October's post went live on the day of Martha's operation...and the 15th November marked a whole month since the op. I'm gutted that I don't have nice photo's taken outside. Nevermind...on Sunday night once they'd all had a bath and put on their PJ's I brought my camera upstairs and did my best in the girl's room with their wallpaper as a background (ps. Osh's head is hiding a huge biro doodle)

So in the month since our last post we have:-  left Osh and Isabella at home with family, taken Martha Grace to London where she had open heart surgery for the 4th time, brought her home 5 days later, getting the wound infected and had a week's course of antibiotics...and now me and Mark are back in work and life has returned to normal.

I don't really know which one I'd class as the official Siblings photo for the month, I don't really have a

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A little Martha Grace update

I haven't blogged for a while, not on purpose and not for any particular reason...I'm a live blogger so unless there is anything to blog about I don't post. I have been trying to find the time for this update post since Wednesday though but haven't been able to get into it properly. I have had three attempts and deleted whatever I wrote, I found myself droning on and on when I really just wanted to get straight to the point. There are a couple of things really.

1) Wound infection - even after putting a post together about wound care, Martha's wound still ended up becoming infected. I think we caught it in time - she had a week's course of Flucloxacillin, the redness has come down and the site is now dry with a lovely scab protecting the skin healing beneath. She was an absolute trooper taking her medicine, I tried a little bit of it and it tasted vile. She gagged the first few times