Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mammi & Martha time

Isabella has been at Playschool since September. She goes for a couple of hours in the afternoon on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As Osh is at school as well I was really excited thinking that this would give me "1 on 1" time with Martha Grace.

Osh had me all to himself for 5 years. Isabella had me to herself while Osh was at school for almost 22 months. The only time Martha Grace has had me completely to herself were the 13 weeks she spent in hospital - which if I'm honest I don't really think it counts.

But so far, we've made no use at all of our Mammi&Martha time. We've come home, had lunch with Daddy, Martha's had a quick hour's nap and I've watched a few episodes of Friends with a panad. I feel like I'm letting her down.

I realised earlier today that after February half term in 2016  (which is only next year) Martha Grace will be starting Playschool herself. That's last baby - then I will have a couple of hours a day where I have no

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The week according to my phone || 25.01.15

It's been a tough week this week; Martha's got another chest infection (nature of the beast that is CHD unfortunately) so she's on her third course of antibiotics since September. I think she'll build an immunity to Amoxicillin soon.

I had a lovely night out with my friends on Friday; those cocktails had been well and truly earned. We had Mark's family over for the day on Saturday and we treated ourselves to a Chinese take-away; the one that recently opened across the road has become a little too convenient.

By the time you all get to read this I will be in the throes of a Wedding Fayre at work; hopefully you're all spending your Sunday doing something you love.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Grateful for Antibiotics

I knew that she'd end up on Amoxicillin again. I just knew it. This is the third time she's been prescribed them since September; but I am so glad they exist and that our GP surgery operates a walk-in practise every morning. 

To begin with I thought she had a tummy bug; she was sick after her bottle on Tuesday night, she was sick after her dinner on Wednesday and then again after her breakfast yesterday morning. But her runny nose and

Thursday, 22 January 2015

I hate this time of year

Before Martha Grace came along this time of year didn't bother me; Osh would get a cold and pass it on to Isabella...they'd cough, be snotty - be off their food for a couple of days before bouncing back to their previous state of health.

Now it's a whole different story...Martha Grace has already had two courses of antibiotics and I think she'll probably be on her third by the weekend. Since 20th December 2014 there hasn't been a week that's passed where one if not both of the girls are being sick (D&V sick)

They are having at least two outfit changes a day and I think the colour on their bedding is fading as it's being washed so often these past few weeks. I think my washing machine will give up on me if they don't stop. I am exhausted from the worry. I don't think I let myself fall properly asleep at night because I want to be able to hear them if they're sick in the middle of the night (my kids choking on their vomit is one of my biggest fears, and Martha's already done it once!)

Yesterday I took Isabella to school and when they opened the door to let the kids in the class she burst in to tears saying she didn't want to go. I didn't get a call while I was away; but when I went to pick her up a

Monday, 19 January 2015

Letter from the Peadiatrician

It really bugs me that we went to our local Hospital to meet the paediatrician back in November and it took until January fort them to send the review letter; especially as GOSH manage it within 4 weeks!'s here now. I'm just glad I don't rely on their letter's should Martha Grace ever present at A&E.

I like typing up the letters here; I feel like I've kept them safe and we'll still be able to read them even years down the line. The Dr we met last time was actually really nice for a change; he seemed to actually know about Heart Conditions. Though he does lose a point for saying Martha has a congenital complex heart "disease"; she has a heart "DEFECT"...she was born this way - it's not a result of a poor diet or lack of

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The week according to my phone || 18.01.2015

There was a "tag" going around on Facebook this week prompting users to share their first ever Profile Picture. I joined Facebook way back in 2007 and my first profile picture is the one at the centre of this

Friday, 16 January 2015


It may have been freezing cold but I was not deterred (much to Mark's disappointment) it was Saturday after all. We had a lazy morning with lots of Tea and Croissants for breakfast; but I had made my New Years Resolution and I was sticking to it! 

I filled a flask with boiling water and packed a bag with Tea bags, Milk and teaspoons and a packet of Jaffa Cakes; not forgetting a beaker of juice and a packet of Wotsits for Martha Grace.