Monday, 27 July 2015

1 week down...

A week of the school holiday's has been and gone already. I'm loving the lazy mornings (sometimes there even lazy days) not having to stick to the bedtime routine and being able to go out with the kids during the evening. We haven't been on any proper days out yet because we have 6 weeks of activities we need to consider, the weather hasn't been the best either and all of the places I want to go do rely on the weather unfortunately. 

I think we've had a few nice days though, just being together and being at home means the world to me - Lord knows I'll miss days like that when we are in London. 

Last Sunday Osh was with his dad so we took the girls to Dinas Dinlle for a walk with their pram and the scooter after dinner. We spent Wednesday with our cousins at my Grandparents house. On Thursday it was business as usual because I had to work from 3pm onwards. Friday we only went out to the weekly shop but we did have a sneaky cake in the cafe before we started. We headed to Liverpool for our Nephew's 1st Birthday party on Saturday and I was back in work on Sunday.

After dinner on Sunday we decided to leave the dishes and went to McDonald's for a McFlurry, we drove up to Marchlyn to eat them. The views weren't as great as I'd hoped because the weather was so awful - but the kids loved it. It was Martha's first McFlurry and I assumed she would copy Osh and Isabella - but she

Friday, 17 July 2015

Here comes the summer...

I'm a live blogger, I blog as and when I have something I feel I want to share...sometimes a few weeks will pass without me posting anything. Recently there hasn't really been much to update you on; we've been tipping away without any incidents worth reporting - Martha has been clinically well, the older two are finishing up school for the summer and I've reached wedding season in work.

We still hadn't received our letters from London following our most recent trip to Great Ormond Street in June, I've been in complete denial and hadn't dared chased them up because I was petrified that I might put some kind of Voodoo over the situation. On Wednesday I bit the bullet and actually phoned Dr Sullivan's secretary. Although nothing has come through the post there was two letters on the system in Martha's file that we should have received last month.

The first letter detailed the findings of the ECHO performed in June and that Dr Cervi (the Clinical Fellow we met that day) and said they would be presenting Martha's case at their departmental meeting and decide on the best course of action for Martha Grace.

The second letter informs us that Martha's case had been discussed at the meeting and that they have

Friday, 26 June 2015

Life lately

I haven't been motivated to blog much recently, we're still waiting for Martha's letter from our last appointment and I kind of feel like our lives are on hold until that letter finally arrives. All I want to know is whether or not Martha will have surgery during the school holidays or if we are waiting until her next appointment (which has already been booked for the end of August)

I can't make any plans more than a week or so in hand, I can't enjoy looking forward to summer with the kids because I don't know if we'll be here. So we are living week-to-week, which isn't much fun. I'd love to go away for a few night with the kids, I know we've already had our "holiday" for this year; but I see so many of my friends across Facebook/ Instagram sharing photo's of their Holidays and I can't help but want another Holiday.

Anyway, here are some pics of what we've been up to since I haven't been blogging much.