Monday, 2 March 2015

A Letter to Martha Grace || March 2015

Dear Martha Grace,
It was my Birthday last Sunday and on that day you turned 18 months old, which is a huge milestone. You're not really a baby any more, you certainly don't act like one - you're an absolute madam at times...but you'll always be my Baby.

Your speech has improved so much again this month, it tickles me when you crawl around the house shouting "Daddy, where are you?" - you sound so cute. To help us along when you want something specific,

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The week according to my phone || 01.03.15

This post is really late this week; I'm usually putting my these posts up on a Saturday night ready for Sunday morning. We had a late night last night because we were in Warrington visiting family all day yesterday and it was almost 11:30pm by the time we got home.

Last Sunday was my Birthday, me and Isabella have become really big Taylor Swift fans recently so one of

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me & Mine || February 2015

Official Me & Mine Photo
Well, this Month's Me & Mine is a series of fails. When I planned for us to go away to a Hotel last week I assumed I'd have plenty of opportunity's to get a nice photo of the 5 of us together - how wrong was I? It seem's that as the girls get older they become less and less willing to sit nicely and smile (or even look) at the camera.

I thought I'd include all my fails as well as my "official" photo just so you can all see what I mean. You might

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Anniversary weekend away

As it was half term last week we thought we'd take the kids away for the night; it was also our 4th Wedding Anniversary so we had more of a reason to treat ourselves. We decided on Carden Park in Cheshire as it wasn't a million miles away, it had a pool where we could take the kids and we could have a nice meal in the evening for our anniversary celebration.

The kids were as good as gold, the room was lovely, food was superb and we all had a great time taking Martha Grace for her 1st ever swim in a pool (she love it, but that will come in a separate post) On our way home on Friday we stopped off at Blue Planet Aquarium near Cheshire Oaks and the Dutch Pancake House in Rowen.

I'm still playing catch-up with the washing, but I thought I'd share my photo's with you. Yes I am there, but I

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The week according to my phone || 22.02.15

It's been half term this week; and while I love my kids dearly I can't wait to get back to some routine. I only work two days a week and this week I took those days as Holiday's so that I could have a proper week off with the kids. 

We've had plenty to do this week; on Sunday we went out with my side of the family to celebrate my Auntie's Birthday (I don't think she'll forgive me if I publish her actual age). Monday we had a day at my

Thursday, 19 February 2015

4th Wedding Anniversary

Today, 19th February 2015 see's us celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. On our Wedding day I don't think anyone in the room would have foreseen what we'd eventually have to go through together. I think when we said the vow "in sickness and in health" that we assumed it mean My health or Mark's...not one of our Children.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spending my Christmas money

These past few years I've always struggled when someone ask's me what I want for Christmas; naturally I'd go without anything at all and would be happy enough to have happy and healthy children...but it wasn't like I was going to wake up on Christmas morning and find Martha Grace was miraculously cured of her heart defect. 

Although Martha Grace had a fairly good year in 2014, unfortunately my Mother was dealt another blow when my brother suffered complications following a procedure to replace his ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) in September. We decided we both deserved a good retail therapy session and rather than buying Christmas gifts for each other we would instead go shopping with each other at the end of January (after my Mother's birthday) and we could buy exactly what we wanted.

Recently I have become obsessed with watching YouTube video's by the likes of Pixiwoo, Fleur DeForce, Tanya Burr etc etc and almost hang on their every word. We quite poorly catered for here in North Wales and our branches of Boots and Debenhams don't really stock many of the high end brands (no MAC counter or Laura Mercier counter for us) so we have to head over the border and buy them. Here's what I bought.

I have terribly oily skin and as much as I would have liked to buy the Vitalumiere Aqua - there is no way it would have worked for me. I actually sat down and let the assistant apply this on me before I bought it to