Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A letter to Martha Grace || February 2016

My beautiful Girl, where do I start?
It's taken me days to pluck up the courage to write your monthly letter, I've set myself a very strict time limit in the hope that today I can just power through and not have any time to cry.

What we hoped would happen last Thursday is that your Heart was still coping well with recovering from Surgery and that we just need to come back in three months. You had done so well to come home from hospital just 5 days after such a major operation, we knew it was all too good to be true. We thought the wound infections were our punishment - how wrong were we!?

Martha it kills me to say that the muscle tissue that they removed back in October because it was obstructing your LVOT has grown back. We always knew it would, it's a common trait of patients with an Interrupted Aortic Arch - but no one thought it would grow back this quickly. Your Aortic Arch is also narrowing at the end of the patch they made wider in October.

Worryingly, Dr Sullivan himself said that you are far more complicated than they thought when you were first born. Of course you are though - when have you ever done anything by the book?

I was so cross on Thursday, you never seem to catch a break. Daddy was just heartbroken for you - I haven't seen him cry since the morning of your 1st ever operation, he's taken the news really hard this time.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Feels like the end of the world

Our next appointment at Great Ormond Street is on Thursday.

The date will be 4th February 2016.

It's the first week of the second month of the year. As far as I am concerned - this is the day the world ends!

It started when I was pregnant with Martha. We had no idea whether or not Martha Grace would survive and so I couldn't imagine how our life would be after our due date. We couldn't make any plans for anything after her birth. 

Since we had the appointment through for this check-up, I haven't been able to make plans beyond the 4th of February.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me and Mine || January 2016

So I cheated again for my Me & Mine photo and used the photo studio background support kit like I did with my Siblings photo earlier in the month. A few of you may have spotted that Isabella is wearing the exact same outfit and Osh is wearing the same hoodie (I have a few set outfit's that they were after school when we have no plans to go anywhere - I don't like wasting nice clothes when no one see's them...that goes for me too not just for the kids)