Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Siblings || November 2016

My Heart is breaking into a million tiny pieces.

I'm typing this on Sunday night, three children are all freshly bathed/showered and are safely tucked up in their beds.

By the time this post goes live, the eldest two will be fast asleep at their Great Grandparents house. The littlest of my trio will be being woken up ready to board the early train to London...for her 5th open heart surgery in 3 years.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trying to cheer myself up

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I've really started to struggle this past couple of days. The enormity of what lies ahead is beginning to set in.

I feel like I say this all the time, but on a day-to-day basis, life is pretty perfect. We just have this massive hurdle to get over and it's really upsetting. It takes me back to November 2013 when we thought we'd only be away for a couple of weeks but ended up in Hospital with Martha for over two months.

The fact that Christmas is so close doesn't help. Where most of my friends have already finished their Christmas shopping and are ready to enjoy a carefree festive season, I can't even begin to look forward to Christmas.

In an attempt to pull myself out of this rut I've decided to look upload some photo's from last week when I felt a little more positive.

Last Monday was Halloween and the kids were off school for Teachers training. We'd wanted to visit the Weeping Window at Caernarfon Castle during the half term holiday and luckily we were able to get tickets for the Monday. My photography isn't anywhere near the level I wish it was, they don't do the display any justice because they were amazing.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Siblings || October 2016

I'm typing this post some time after midnight on Friday 14th October 2016, I'm in the living room with Mark having a panad after coming home from work.

On Wednesday 14th October 2015, I was writing my Siblings post in the darkness of our room in Weston House as Martha Grace was first on the theatre list for Thursday 15th October.

Regular readers of the blog will already know that we've recently had the date for Martha's next lot of surgery. Today we received another phone call to change the date to a couple of weeks later in the month.

I'm anxious that this puts us another two weeks behind schedule in terms of her recovery, but I know that it just wasn't meant to be and there's a reason why this new date has been given for Martha.